The Committees on Special Education are looking for Volunteers

Have you ever considered becoming a parent member for the Committee on Special Education (CSE) or Preschool Special Education (CPSE) in your school district? Do you know what a parent member is and what role they play at a CSE/CPSE meeting?

A parent member of the CSE/CPSE is a parent of a child with a disability who lives in the school district or a neighboring school district. They are at the meeting to support the parents/guardians and to help insure that the focus of the meeting is on the child. A parent member of the CSE/CPSE should not be confused with a Parent Advocate (Parent Advocates receive much more in-depth training in things such as special education laws).

The role of the Parent Member at a Committee meeting is to:

  • Assist parents when their child is beginning the process of special education

  • Advocate for the child’s needs

  • Support the parent(s) and explain the process as needed

  • Provide feedback from a parent’s point of view
  • Seek clarification and explain to the parent as needed

  • Participate in decisions as an equal member of the committee


  • You have a child who is currently receiving special education services

  • You attend a training so that you enhance your skills so that you feel comfortable assisting parents through the process

Also, as part of the Special Education process we are in need of parents to serve as surrogate parents. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires that school districts and all other education agencies protect the rights of children with disabilities.Surrogate parents are individuals appointed to act in place of a parent to participate in making special education decisions for a child. Surrogate parents are appointed for educational purposes. A surrogate parent is appointed for a child when there is reasonable cause to believe that the child has a disability, and the parent cannot be identified or located after reasonable efforts; or the child is a ward of the court under the laws of the state.

Qualifications include:

  • You may not be an employee of our school district or the Department of Education.

  • You must not be an employee of any other agency involved in the education or care of the child, except of non-public agencies that provide only non-education care for the child.

  • You must be free of any other interest that conflicts with the child’s interest.

  • You attend a training so that you enhance your skills and feel comfortable to adequately represent the child

If either of the above volunteer opportunities are of interest to you, please contact the Special Education office at 933-6036 or 933-7107 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.