Period X

With the start of the new school year Portville students will be introduced to a schedule change. The time frame of the school day will remain the same. School will begin at 7:55 and end at 2:37. Period X will take place as the last period of the day from 2:01 -2:37. This period has been created to provide students and teachers with numerous opportunities for development and growth. Students will be able to receive help in subjects where they may need it. This time can be used to complete science labs, make up tests, and work on projects. Students taking Syracuse University classes can use period X to receive advisement from teachers. Computer labs will be available for research. School sanctioned activities and meetings will take place during period X. Parent/teacher communication is also a key component of this change. Parents that would like to meet with teachers to discuss academics will be able to set up conferences during the last period of the day. Teachers and students will gain a better understanding of how period X will work as we progress through the first few days of school. Ultimately, this schedule will ensure less interruption during instructional time of the school day.