Pre-Paying on Accounts

It is best to prepay on your account by giving the cashier money ahead of time. Parents may send in a check or money in an envelope, provided by the cafeteria. On the envelope please write the name and grade or ID number, if known. These can be mailed or brought to the cafeteria at any time throughout the year.

  • All monies go on the account and the cashier will access your account at the time of purchase. All students are encouraged to use this account. The cards are used like a debit account at the bank. You must have money in the account to use the card. When you eat a meal, the computer deducts the amount from your account. We will notify you when the balance is getting low.

  • Charging of meals is only allowed for three meals. After that you must have money and pay off the balance due. After three meals, we will not allow the student to charge. Please pay particular attention to this matter, as often we have students who try to take advantage of this policy. Students may not charge ala carte or snack items. You must have money on your account or in your hand at the time of purchase.

If you have charged three meals, and you don’t have money, you will receive a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with milk.