Medications in School

The administration of medications to students on school property is regulated by the guidelines of the New York State Department of Education.The procedures that Portville Central School must follow under these guidelines are listed below.

  1. A licensed practitioner, on an individual basis, shall prescribe ALL medications that are given in school, both prescription and over-the-counter.

  2. The pharmacy label does not constitute a physician’s order.The order for the school should be obtained at the time the medication is prescribed and should include the time and dose to be given to the student.

  3. Teachers should not be asked to administer medication to their students.The parent/guardian must assume the responsibility for having the medication delivered to the Health office.Because of the possibility of having medication lost, spilled or intercepted, elementary students are not to carry medication to and from school, whether they walk or ride a bus.

  4. All medication, including non-prescription, must be in the original container.If it is necessary to divide the medication, the original container should be brought to school.

  5. Field trips require medications be sent in an original container also, and only the amount needed.Please ask your pharmacist for an extra bottle when getting prescription filled.There is usually no charge for this.We can store the extra bottle at school for you for the purpose of field trips.

  6. Under certain conditions, students may need to carry and self-administer medication (for example, an inhaler.)This should be pre-arranged on an individual basis and requires a physician’s order as well as parental and school nurse consent.

  7. Medications must be renewed annually or whenever there is a change in medication or dosage.Medications may not be in the Health office over summer.If not reclaimed, they will be discarded.