Good Morning PCS Panthers…

 TODAY is Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024.                                                              It is an “ F “  Day.



Before break we had the following trivia question:  What group made celebrating Christmas illegal in the 17th century?  The answer…The Puritans.  From 1659-1691 anyone caught dashing through the snow or decking the halls were slapped with a fine.  Christmas was not established as a federal holiday for nearly another century.  The winner was Jacob McHenry.


Chorus lessons today are:    Pd 3 -Ava,  and Pd 7 -Paige and Hannah


 The Student Council will be having a meeting today (Wednesday) during Period X in the library.  Please check your TEAMS messages so you are prepared for the meeting. 


Winter Weekend is quickly approaching!  We do PowderPuff Football in the fall for the girls, so it is only fair to do something fun for the boys in the winter.  THIS THURSDAY, January 4th, join us for “DIGGIN’ DUDES VOLLEYBALL”.  The freshman will play the sophomores at 7PM, then the juniors will play the seniors immediately following.  Cost for the game, whether playing or a spectator, will be $1.00.  Proceeds will benefit a PCS student in need of some assistance.  Anyone who is interested in playing needs to sign up on the bulletin board outside Mrs. Welty’s room in the Math wing.  ONCE AGAIN, IF YOU PLAN ON PLAYING YOU NEED TO SIGN-UP!!  Please come to the games and show support for Winter Weekend festivities!!


Bowling results from the last 2 matches.

 December 21st against Hinsdale:

 Boys 4-0

Girls 0-4

 Emma Pinney 482 series

Kiyah Mohr 394 series

Milo Backus 331 series

 January 2nd against West Valley

 Boys 1-3, overall 9-15

Girls 4-0, overall 19-5

 Emma Pinney 426 series

Kiyah Mohr 392 series

Milo Backus 268 series

  Next match is in Gowanda on Thursday.