Student Organizations/Clubs

Student Council:

The purpose of the Student Council of Portville Central School is to give the students a voice in the operation of the school, thus improving school morale.It is also organized to give training in the principles, procedures, ideals, habits, duties and privileges of democracy and leadership.The membership of the Student Council is from the junior and senior high school students.These students are the six presidents of grades 7 through 12, four elected representatives from each class, and one representative from each club.All school activities, dances, parties, etc, must be first approved by the office with the names of chaperones before being submitted to the Council for approval.Chaperones and police should have a one-week notice.

The officers of the Student Council are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant at Arms.All Student Council officers are elected by the membership.A student who faces repeated disciplinary action or who fails to live up to the standards of membership may be required to terminate his/her position on the Student Council.

National Honor Society

The Portville chapter of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools was founded in February 1955.A student in the junior and senior class who has achieved a cumulative average of 90% is eligible for consideration for membership based upon the three additional qualifications of leadership, character and service. Selection for the National Honor Society is made by the Faculty Council after the first marking period.The Faculty Council carefully reviews each candidate's Student Activity Packet and also considers a Faculty Survey, which rates each candidate before selecting new members.National Honor Society members participate in activities which promote academics and service to others in the school and community.A student who fails to live up to the standards of membership may be subject to disciplinary action.The Faculty Council may determine that a member may not participate in the next induction ceremony.In some instances, a student may be required to terminate his /her membership as required by the National Honor Society guidelines.

Other Organizations/Clubs

Students and parents are encouraged to become involved in the following activities:

Student Council Football
Class of 2008
Boy’s Soccer
Class of 2009 Girl’s Soccer
Class or 2010 Girl’s Swimming
Class of 2011 Girl’s Volleyball
National Honor Society
Football Cheerleading
Art Club Boy’s Basketball
Yearbook Club Girl’s Basketball
Drama Club Basketball Cheerleading
Varsity Club Wrestling
Ski Club Softball
Interact Club Baseball
International Club Boy’s Track
American Field Service Girl’s Track
Anime Club Golf
Sports Boosters Club Dollars for Scholars
Parents And Teachers Helping Students

Music Boosters Club
President - Ray Sprout
Vice President - Sharon Simon
Secretary - Penny McCutcheon
Treasurer - Deb Austin

Dollars for Scholars
President - Dan Schmidt
Secretary - Tom Steen
Treasurer - Judy McClain

Advisor - Dave Shelc

Sports Boosters
President - Pat Stromberg
Vice President - Laurie Putzstuck
Secretary - Emily Woodhead
Treasurer - Linda Summers

President - Jean Smith
Vice President - Heather Wray
Secretary - Val Ambroselli
Treasurer - Cindy Hinz

Student Council
President - Brooke Burrows
Vice President - Brad Hollamby
Secretary - Liz Meyers
Treasurer - Dustin Card
Sgt. At Arms - Courtney Schmidt

Senior Class 2008
President - Alan Elliott
Vice President - Katherine Mallery
Secretary - Stephanie Tierson
Treasurer - Elizabeth Woodhead

Junior Class-2009
President - Leah Doty/Lucas Hellwig
Vice President - Laura Giberson
Secretary - Morgan Costanza/Katlin Gerringer
Treasurer - Alexis Jordan