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Jody Lowe

Name: Jody Lowe
Email Address: jlowe@portville.wnyric.org
Phone number: (585) 933 6546

ART RULES!! It's everywhere. This site will keep you informed about assignments in class, interesting places to go to see artwork, including student work, and will also let you view my works as well. This is a work in progress so if I get behind I'm probably creating something, ... or cleaning! UGH!

I love all areas of art. My tastes are eclectic. It's the variety that excites me. My latest ventures have been in collage and assemblage. I do a lot of photography but usually as a reference for other works of art. I like realism but find it too predictable. I am really passionate about abstract and impressionistic works. As a professional artist, I have trouble finding time to finish my work and usually do projects with my students that are called teacher products. This also limits my time. When I do finish a piece, I sign and date it, so you can look for that to see if a piece is what I consider done. I hope that as you look through these pieces that you find something that you enjoy. Feel free to send me comments(jlowe@portville.wnyric.org)! 

Clowns with a ball artAbstract Art
Clowns with dog artimpressionistic landscape of a pond