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Name: Mr. Glover
Email Address: nglover@portvillecsd.org
Phone number: 933-6045 ext. 4427

I am happy to be your child's Science/STEM teacher.

I hope that you find this website useful.

Science/STEM unit studies, project pictures, and other useful information will be made available to you. Please subscribe to my site. When you register, you will receive updates for changes to the website.


Sheppard Software

Lots of great interactive maps and activities. Be sure to go to the geography sections of US and World.


Common Core Math Videos

Here is a link to EngageNY. There are videos that explain and demonstrate the concepts and procedures used in mathematics. There is a scroll bar on the right side of the page to select different videos. The fifth grade videos are the final two videos in the scroll bar.


New York State Math Module 6 Grade 5

Here is a link to the Grade 5 Math Module 6. You can access lessons and homework sheets that I use in class. You are able to print off any materials that you may need.


New York State Math Module 5 Grade 5

Here is a link to the Grade 5 Math Module 5. You will be able to access all of the lesson and homework sheets for this module here. You could also print off anything from this website.


New York State Math Module 4 Grade 5

Here is the Grade 5 Math Module 4. You can access all of the lessons and homework sheets for this module from here.


New York State Math Module 3 Grade 5

Here is a link to the Grade 5 Math Module 3. You can access all of the lessons and homework sheets from this link.


New York State Math Module 2 Grade 5

Here is a link to Grade 5 Math Module 2. You can look up each lesson and find homework assignments that I will use.


New York State Math Module 1 Grade 5

Here is a link to the fifth grade math module 1 that I use in my class. You can click on a particular lesson and you will be able to view the entire lesson and all the hand outs and homework pages.


Common Core Resources

Here is a link to several resources that can help your child with our new math standards. Please realize that the skills are the same that we learned as children, they are being presented and explained differently. 

I will post test dates and the topic that is tested on this page. Study guides and notes will be sent home with your child to help them study for their quizzes and module assessments.

Upcoming Tests:

  • Thursday, June 8, 2017: End of Module 6 Assessment (Review Packets will be sent home with students at least one week prior to the test date.)

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. All of these will be combined into your child's new science experience. I hope to provide your child with fun, interactive, hands-on instruction. We will be learning new science concepts through experimentation, observation, and investigation. You may hear your child talk about the 5E's, these are Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate. Each of the E's offers your child a way to interact with material and learn about the concepts. Also, your child will be introduced to and use the engineering design process. They will have several engineering design challenges thorought the school year. I will be adding a pictures section to this website to display their projects. I hope to make this a truly exciting and fun learning experience for your child.