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Parents Requesting APPR Ratings & Information for the current school year

In accordance with New York Education Law Section 3012-c(10), parents and legal guardians may request the final quality rating and composite effectiveness score for each of the teachers and for the principal of the school building inwhich your student(s) is assigned for the current school year. Portville Central Schoolwill also provide you with an oral or written explanation of the composite effectiveness scoring ranges for final quality ratings, and an opportunity to understand such scores in the context of Portville Central School’s teacher/principal evaluation and student performance. If you are interested in accessing this information you should contact the superintendent’s office. To expedite the process, fill out the form below and bring it with you to the Superintendent’s office.Scores will be provided only to individuals with proper ID.

Scores will be mailed out once ID has been shown and the request form is completed and properly submitted. 

Legal Guardians must complete the request form, and submit it to the Superintendent’s Office before any information may be released.

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