Bowser, Pam - Grade 5


Math homework will generally be given Monday through Thursday, and there will be no homework assigned over the weekend unless a student is missing work. I will do my best to assign homework that should take only 10-15 minutes each night. Students are expected to return homework assignments the following school day. Failure to turn in homework will result in a loss of free time. I understand that unexpected situations occasionally arise that prevent homework from getting turned in on time - for example, sickness, family emergencies, or hectic mornings when things get left behind. With that in mind, I allow students 3 “slides” each year. When a child uses a slide, he or she will not be penalized for missing homework. Slides should be used only for “emergency” situations. They are NOT homework passes. The assignment must be turned in the following school day, and failure to turn it in the following day will result in the use of another slide or the loss of free time. After a student uses all three slides, missing homework will result in a loss of free time.

Students can earn up to four points on each homework assignment.

  • 4 points: fully completed with minor errors
  • 3 points: fully completed with some errors, but demonstrates understanding
  • 2 points: assignment show sufficient effort, however, the work contains errors that demonstrates lack of understanding
  • 1 point: assignment appears to have little effort made and indicates failure to apply strategies taught in the lesson
  • 0 points: little effort with many errors, or an incomplete assignment

Assignments that are not from the modules will receive percentage grades.

I do not allow students to do corrections on homework assignments, but I do allow corrections on tests to earn back partial credit on incorrect responses. Test corrections are due the next school day after scored tests are returned to the students. No late corrections will be accepted, and slides may not be used for test corrections.

Math Games

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