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Welcome to a new era of Physical Education at Portville Central School. Our focus is to help students gain knowledge of lifetime fitness activities. These activities will teach students how to utilize their community resources.

Medical Assignment/Article Critique

Using a newspaper, internet, magazine or professional journal, find and read an article relating to Physical Education (nutrition, health, sports, fitness, etc.). You must then type a one page summary of the article.

For every week missed you must read and summarize One Article.

Please include:

  • Name of journal, newspaper, internet website address or magazine
  • Name and date of article

Summary must be:

  • One page long (or more if needed)
  • Typed
  • Double spaced
  • 12 point font
  • One paragraph fully describing the article
  • One paragraph from your perspective, analyzing the article and applying it to your life

Please hand in the following:

  • Photo copy of the article
  • Typed summary

Spelling and grammar do count.

Must be handed in on the Friday of each medically excused week.

Rubric for Projects/Medicals
5 4 3 2 1
DEVELOPMENT:Are the ideas elaborated using specific and relevant details? -develops ideas clearly and fully, making effective use of a wide range of relevant and specific details -develops ideas clearly and consistently, using relevant and specific detail -develops some ideas more fully than others, using relevant and specific details -develops ideas briefly, using some detail Shows minimal or no evidence of development of ideas, irrelevant, repetitive
ORGANIZATION:Does the piece exhibit a clear focus and logical structure? -maintains a clear and appropriate focus throughout -appropriate focus throughout -Partial focus and logical structure though out -Most parts of parts of paper do not demonstrate a clear focus or structure -Shows minimal
Does the piece exhibit proper spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and indentation and usage?
-exhibits control of spelling and grammar, with essentially no errors, even with sophisticated language -exhibits partial control of spelling and grammar with occasional errors -exhibits partial control of spelling and grammar with occasional errors that do not hinder comprehension -exhibits emerging control with occasional errors that hinder comprehension -Exhibit minimal control-may be illegible or not recognizable as English
MEET CRITERIA:Does the project meet the given criteria:On time, length, typed, correct font size, reported to PE teacher for LC pass Assignment is on time, the correct length, font, reported to PE teacher for pass, demonstrates a high concern for the quality of the assignment Assignment is on time,correct length, correct size font, reports to teacher for pass , follows assignment criteria May or may not be on time, not the appropriate length, reports to the teacher most of the time,Follows assignment criteria some of the time NOT the appropriate length and/or font size is not correct, rarely reports to teacher for pass Over two weeks late,improper length, never reports to teacher for pass to LC
MLA DOCUMENTATION:Does the project use correct MLA documentation and reference page? The project uses MLA documentation throughout correctly. Reference page is alphabetical and in the correct format. The project uses MLA documentation throughout correctly. Reference page included but not in correct layout Reference page included correctly.Some MLA documentation throughout. Use of some MLA documentation throughout but no reference page

Rubric for Participation

Exemplary Participation


  • Enthusiastic Participation
  • Initiates activity/play
  • Responds immediately to directions
  • Demonstrates cooperative attitude
  • Maintains self control
  • Shows respect for self and others
  • Follow safety rules
  • Plays fairly
  • Excellent effort/role model
  • Plays hard
  • Works to potential
  • Demonstrates Proficiency in activity
  • Appropriate dress for activity
  • Prompt in reporting to teacher

Above Average Participation


  • Initiates activity/play
  • Responds to directions
  • Demonstrates cooperative attitude
  • Maintains self-control
  • Shows respect for self and others
  • Follow safety rules
  • Plays fairly
  • Above average effort
  • Demonstrates high proficiency in activity
  • Appropriate dress for activity
  • Prompt in reporting to teacher




  • Responds to directions slowly
  • Participates after prodding
  • Behavior is average/below average
  • Lack of respect for self and others
  • Poor attitude
  • Lack of self control
  • Average/below average effort
  • Works below potential
  • Demonstrates low proficiency in activity
  • Prompt in reporting to teacher sometimes

Below Average Participation


  • Needs constant direction
  • Behavior is unacceptable as defined below
  • Poor attitude
  • Has no self –control
  • Shows no respect for self and others
  • Safety hazard for class
  • Minimal effort
  • Work output is far below potential
  • Demonstrates minimal proficiency in activity
  • Prompt in reporting to teacher sometimes

Student Handbook

We are continuing to improve and enhance our Physical Education Program here at Portville Central School. Student’s grade 7-12 will receive a number grade, calculated into their final grade point average. Students in grades 7-12 will be assessed on their skills during games play for certain units. In doing this we want to provide each student with the appropriate knowledge, skills and sportsmanship that is needed for students to be successful in a variety of activities. The students will be taught in an atmosphere that is team oriented which will allow them to develop communication skills both in the gymnasium and in life. Our mission is that students will leave Portville Central with the appropriate knowledge, skills, benefits and understanding of how to live a healthy, physically active lifestyle.

National studies have reported that a quality physical education program will help students by:

  • Improving self-esteem and interpersonal skills
  • Gaining a sense of belonging through teamwork
  • Handling adversity through winning and losing
  • Learning discipline

Physical Education is an integral part of a child's education. Not only does it provide activities to keep a young adult physically fit, it teaches teamwork and cooperation. From the locker room through the entire class, students learn both intellectual and life lessons.

Students Expectations:

  • Come to class on time
  • Come to class prepared
  • Willing to participate to the fullest of their ability
  • Follow all instructions and procedures
  • Willing to work with others at all times
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship
  • Develop the knowledge of an active lifestyle
  • Assignments will be turned in on time
  • Give feedback to PE teachers

Locker Room:

Do not bring valuables into the locker room

    Last year there were a lot of problems with students having money stolen. Expect everything you bring to the locker room will be stolen.

  • Get changed and get out!
  • Keep hands to yourself
  • Inappropriate behavior will be dealt with immediately
  • Students will be given plenty of time at the end of class to change and shower


Students are required to attend class. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class. If a student does not have a pass or medical excuse, they will be marked absent. Students are allowed 5 excused absences per quarter. Students may only bring in 2 consecutive parental excuses and then a medical note will be required. The 6th absence will result in a zero and the class will have to be made up in order to receive credit.

If you are suspended for 2 or more consecutive classes, classes will have to be made up or result in a zero for each class missed.

Gym Rules:

  • Respect teachers and classmates
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship
  • No profanity & jewelry
  • No cell phones (you will lose points for me seeing it during class)
  • All code of conduct and school rules apply to class
  • If you are an athlete and you do not change/participate, you are unable to play or practice that day.
  • If you are not in a PE class you are not able to wonder down into the class without a pass from the PE Staff.
  • Students are expected to have a seat on the bleachers after changing before the bell rings. Gym doors will not open till the bells rings. It is important for safety precautions that we all work together.
  • HAVE Fun!

In Class Daily Points Scale:

Each class is worth 4 points throughout the marking period. Students will receive 4 points for active participation and changing into proper Physical Education clothes.

If you do not change, you can still earn points (up to 3 points) for a good performance and attitude. On the 3rd consecutive class of being unprepared or absent, your daily grade will drop one point for each day missed.

Physical Education Grading Procedure

Middle and high school students will be graded using the same rubric and grading policy. The rubric for participation is on Mr. Backus’ school webpage.

  1. Psychomotor Assessment= 75%

Come to class on time

Dress appropriately for class activities

Follow classroom rules and procedures

Demonstrate good sportsmanship and cooperate effectively as a team member

Be respectful to classmates and teachers

Be an active listener and be able to respond effectively to directions and tasks

Participate to the fullest in all areas of Physical Education

Have Fun

Able to follow the rules of the game and answer questions when asked

2. Affective(social) Assessment = 25%

Students will be assessed on their social behavior during class. This includes but is not limited to interactions with peers and teachers. This is also based on effort, respect, and good sportsmanship.


Students who are out on medical leave for an extended amount of time with proper approval will be assigned medical assignments to make up for missed class time. For unit missed, a medical assignment will be due. The medical assignment is on Mr. Backus’ and Mrs. Van Curen’s school webpages, as well as available from your PE teacher.