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Completing corrections is no longer optional. I have decided to make corrections mandatory in the students' best interests.

English 7

Mrs. Austin

September 5, 2012

Grading and Homework Policy

Your grade for this course will be comprised of the following:

  • 15%- Homework Completion, Graded Homework
  • 10%- Participation (having needed supplies, parent communication, grade reports, journal entries)
  • 30%- Quizzes, Preliminary Writing Assignments, cumulative Journal Entries
  • 45%- Tests, State ELA Practice, Projects, Final Writing Assignments, Independent Reading

Note: As per school policy, the final average for this course will be comprised of 2/3 average of all

marking periods and 1/3 final exam grade.

Preparedness for class- You must continue good habits for school and careers. Therefore, I expect you to be prepared for class. This means that you arrive on time and have all required materials (all notebooks, appropriate text or trade book, and a pen with you). You will rarely be permitted to return to your locker for materials. This is part of your participation grade.

Homework policy- Homework will be checked for completeness and quality on the day it is due. You will receive a 100% if it is completed with quality, 50% if some quality is lacking, and a 0% if extremely lacking quality, not attempted, or plagiarized (plagiarism will result in additional disciplinary action). If there is an assignment or any part of an assignment that you do not understand, seek help. Feel free to contact me anytime you need extra help. When the assignment is reading, a quick reading check question will be given.

Absentee- Homework, quizzes, and tests must be made up within three days of returning to school or three days from the date of the assigned task if you are absent for longer than a few days. I am willing to work with you, but you must take responsibility. I will make an effort to remind you, but the ultimate responsibility is yours. Make it a habit to find out what class work or assignments you missed while absent and see me immediately upon return to schedule a time to make up quizzes or tests.

There will be no other opportunities to make up daily assignments or missed quizzes or tests after the three-day grace period. If you have not fulfilled the responsibility of making up the missed work or exam, the grade will be entered as a zero.

*Homework assigned before an absence is due upon the day of return to class.

*All work missed during field trips, music lessons, sporting events, etc. is due when it is due! See me before leaving for the event.

Corrections-You are offered the opportunity to do corrections for nearly all quizzes and tests. There is a specific format to follow to receive credit. Upon completing corrections successfully within the given guidelines, you will earn back one-half of the original point value of each question. These points will be added to your original score. It really is very foolish not to do corrections, as you not only increase your knowledge, you increase your assessment grade and overall average.

Your success in this class is very important to me. If you have any concerns, please talk to me! I am here to help you. Helping you is not only my job, it is my true desire. Let’s work together for your success.


Mrs. Austin