Athletic hall of Fame Nomination Form

Click on the link below for an Athletic Hall of Fame nomination form.

Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Athletic Hall of Fame Criteria

I. Purposes:

1. To help preserve, strengthen and add distinction to the athletic program at the Portville Central School

2. To honor and perpetuate the memory of those individuals who, either through participation, support or interest, have made outstanding contributions to the high school’s athletic program

3. To recognize individuals who have demonstrated both in school and in succeeding years the worth of athletics, who have well defined goals, who have provided mature leadership, and who have had an impact on society.

II. Honorees may be:


2.Athletes –male or female

3.Boosters – those who have provided meritorious service

III. Selection Criteria:

1. For athletes, a fifteen-year waiting period from the time they graduate.For coaches/boosters, a fifteen year waiting period from initial contributions to Portville athletics.

2. They have achieved success as an athlete or as a coach/booster during their tenure at Portville Central School.

3. Noteworthy accomplishments as a citizen will be considered.

4. Consideration will be based on post-high school contributions such as:

a. Athletics

b. Career field

c.Community service

d. Politics

5.Nominations would be submitted by June 1 and the induction ceremony will be held
at halftime of the first football game.

IV. Selection Procedure:

1. Nominations may come from any source to any committee member.

2. No more than five inductees will be admitted per year.

3. Nominations in any given year unlimited – committee will reduce to ten for a vote.

4. After June 15 of each year, the committee will vote for a maximum of five inductees.

5. All final selections and voting procedures are strictly confidential.

V.Recognition of Inductees:

1. Induction ceremony will be held at halftime of the first football game.

2. A recent picture of the inductee will appear on the plaque for the hall of fame, which will be permanently mounted on our hall of fame area at the Portville Central School

3. A personal plaque of recognition listing the inductee’s accomplishments