Ash, mary - Academic Int.

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"Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body".

Joseph Addison

Name: Mrs. Mary Ash
Email: mash@portville.wnyric.or
Phone number:(716) 933-600

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Kindergarten-Grade 1 Websites

There are many wonderful websites available to help PreK-1st grade students work on prereading/reading skills. I have listed a few that the children love!

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Reading Intervention K - 6

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AIS classes for reading are typically held for 30-40 minutes everyday. During intervention time I focus on the five main areas of reading instruction. Instruction is determined by the needs of the students in each small group.

My goal is to have my students not only become better readers, but also to develop a life-long passion for reading. Below are some reading websites which are fun and engaging for kindergarten through grade six students.